Welcome! We are a Grand Rapids based coffee company serving only the best organic fair trade Cold Brewed Coffees and coffee concentrates for the true coffee lover’s discerning taste.





Ready To Drink Flavors

Original - Our Original base recipe presents a unique berry and chocolate flavor along with A Swift Kick of natural caffeine. Strong in flavor but not in additives, this Cold Brew boasts zero calories, no sugars and an experience not to be missed! Drink up!

Extra Strength - This "espresso" Cold Brew gives you a double-dose of the natural caffeine found in our Original recipe. Packing a caffeinated punch for early mornings or late nights, this Cold Brew has zero sugar and no additives to weigh you down! Saddle-up for A Swift Kick!

Almond Milk - What do you get when you add non-GMO almond milk to our world-class cold brew? A latte-inspired, wonderfully nutty, dark chocolate profile with only 8 calories per bottle, so drink up and savor the flavor!


Almond Maple - Consciously made for you latte-lovers, this extraordinary blend of pure maple syrup, non-GMO almond milk and our world-class Cold Brew will delight the senses with a sweet, nutty, dark chocolate taste. With only 38 calories per bottle, you will think this came from latte heaven. Instead, you just found Cold Brew Coffee greatness! Now relax, drink up and savor the flavor!

New Flavors

Vanilla - The rich, deep flavor of vanilla comes to life in this Cold Brew. Mysterious and complex, the sweet vanilla complements the berry and chocolate flavors found in our “Original” recipe and leaves with a smooth buttery finish.


Toasted Coconut - Coming soon...

Concentrates & Kegs

- 16 Oz

- Kegs: these 5 gallon sankey kegs come in either our Original or Nitro flavors. Great for events or for the office. Order Now.

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Our Cold Brew Coffee is patiently crafted with real, simple ingredients. For 16 hours we steep only the best Organic, Fair Trade, Arabica coffee beans and fresh organic mint in triple-filtered water. This method, combined with our four-part proprietary filtration process, eliminates acidity and bitterness while exciting the bean’s natural richness and flavor. The result is a crisp, smooth coffee with a bright, refreshing finish. Enjoy!



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